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(w/ Keith)
LOCATION: Pasadena, MD and Savannah, GA

BIRTHDATE: February 27, 1983

OCCUPATION: Plantation Carriage Company


CAST NAME: performing and managing Pure Anti-matter, Savannah, GA

JANET SINCE: April 5, 2002 (with Lips Down on Dixie) I drove about four hours a few weeks before that to see the show and was coming back up that weekend, asked if i could perform and got Janet as a part.

PREV. CAST(S): Castle Transylvanians, AACC, guest with Trixie's Kidz, performed with the Absent Friends for the floor show, and did a show at Club One in Savannah.

OTHER: well, I make a terrible blonde, and I had the hardest time learning her floor show. I just couldn't act sexy enough. And I had to learn to walk...and my lovely new 5" heels less than a week before I was to perform.

Credits: the second floor show picture [the main picture] is credited to John A. Leopard. I don't remember who took the other pictures... I gave somebody my camera :-x

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