Anne Marie!
Anne Marie
LOCATION: Centreville, Virginia, USA

BIRTHDATE: November 10th, 1987 (i'm young and innocent like janet! hah!)


HOMEPAGE: dont have a homepage...but i have a its kinda a webpage


CAST NAME: Sadly enough, I'm not part of a cast (YET!!!!) Heck, I can't even find a theater within ten hours of where I live. What am I to do?

PREV. CAST(S): None.

OTHER: Well, I came upon the "Planet of Janets" website, and thought it would be fun to dress up like Janet and send in my picture. I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I also like to dress up in costumes. I recently performed in my school's production of "The Music Man." Performing is in my blood!!! I would truly like to join a cast, but I currently don't know of any in my area. (e-mail me if you know of any, thanks!)

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