Wendy Narragon!
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LOCATION: Greenville, SC

BIRTHDATE: 5-25-82



E-MAIL: kobaia@bellsouth.net

CAST NAME: F5 aka The Charming Assholes. F5 is of course from the sequel to Rocky Horror, Shock Treatment (the 5 F's for today)

JANET SINCE: september or october 2001

PREV. CAST(S): i'm also in a cast called Sins of the South, made up of a few members of F5, our sister cast Backrow Productions (charleston, SC), and Pure Anti Matter (Savanna, GA). we perform every other month at The House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC. I've also performed at a convention in Charlotte, NC called ConCarolina1, and have performed with Backrow Productions at their theatre in Charleston.

OTHER: I was asked to play Columbia when F5 first formed in Anderson, SC in May 2001. We were forced to move to a theatre in Easley, SC and i was asked to play Janet. i've played her ever since, and i love doing it! we've been throught 4 theatre's so far. one of them was like an hour and a half away, but we made the trip for 11 months and had to pay $5 to perform. now we're in Easley, again, and we absolutley love this theatre. like many Janet's i've been injured...a lot...more than anyone else in the cast, but there were only two really bad injuries: a twisted ankle, and being stabbed in the foot with our Frank, John's six inch heel.

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